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Lin said:◆ "Guangdong reserved● their strength ●today. PLA ○is not strong enou○gh to vie for t◆he champion◆ but we will try o〓ur best." ◆China's No. ●2 m


en's singl●es player and world ◆No. 4 Chen Jin, repr〓esenting Jia○ngsu, beat Gao Huan ●of Liaoning i○n a comforta■ble way 21-14, 21-●9. "I easily f■ound my rhythm a■nd controll●ed the game," sai○d Chen afte●r the match. "The g●oal of our team ○is to defend the ■title, but of cou●rse

we know Fujia●n is our biggest◆ rival as t●hey have excell◆ent singles pla■y

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ers like Che●n Long and ■Chen Hong as well■ as doubles players ●Guo Zhendong and〓 Liu Xiaolong." Whe○n talking a●bout his s〓ingles tour, Chen d■idn't have


a b◆ig dream as he ■was not in his best● form. Chen's w●in gave a good start◆ to Jiangsu, wh●ich outplayed Lia〓oning 3-1 an●d became th〓e first men's te●am to enter the ●semifinals. Another ○favorite for ○the semifinals Fujia〓n was upset◆ by Hong Kong of ●China 3-0. Chen ●Long of Fujian,◆ a rising talent ●who has beaten big n●ames like Lin● Dan, Lee Chong Wei■ of Malays○ia and Hidayat Ta●ufik of Indonesia t〓his year, gav○e way to Hu ●Yun. "I prepared ver●y well for● the match but ■Hu did a good○ job and restr●ained my performanc○e," said C●hen. The duel b○etween Bao● Chunlai of Hunan ◆and Chen Yu of Guan◆gxi wa

s highlight●ed as they we●re former 〓national teamm●ates. U.S. professo○r endeavors to■ present to●day's China th○rough literary trans●lationU.S. profe◆ssor endeav●ors to present today●'s China through l■iterary tra●nslation11-24-2○019 10:45 BJ●TNEW YORK, ○Nov. 23 -- When◆ he was a b●oy in the 1■970s, Charles A●. Laughlin would s○ometimes follow h●is mother, an ad■venturous cook ○in the home kitchen,● to an Asian m◆arket to find i●ngredients ■for making C○hinese dish◆es in his ho◆metown Min○neapolis, U◆.S. state of■ Minnesota.&nb●sp

;"Immediately ◆after you walk in,◆ the strong ■smell of dried ■fish or other k

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Wu 21-15, ●

ind〓s of pungent spices● hit you right away■. And it crea〓tes a sense of fas◆cination," said 〓Laughlin, prof●essor of Chines◆e literature○ and chair o◆f the Departme■nt of East Asian L●anguages, Litera◆tures and ●Cultures at the◆ University o〓f Virginia.Those 〓visits to the Asi●an supermarke●t and Chinese re◆staurants had led?/p>


?to Laughlin'●s decision to stud■y Chinese in■ his second year at ○the University o■f Minnesot●a. Now, for 〓the 55-year-o●ld profess■or, it has a○lready been ◆his "congenial ca◆reer" to st◆udy and tra●nslate con◆temporary and 〓present-age ○Chinese literature.E●MERGENCE OF C◆HINESE LITERAT●UREContemporary◆

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